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Herba Invest

Herba Invest specializes in the development and manufacture of cosmetics, medical devices & herbal drugs for the European Market. Whether your needs are in the area of product development, research of exotic plants or you have a product ready to scale up to commercial production, Herba Invest can meet those needs in an expedient, cost effective fashion, and to the highest ethical standards.


At Herba Invest, we partner with our customers to create value with superior quality assurance and control standards, innovative delivery systems and information based customer support services.


Our goal is to treat each client as our partner - We kno,v 3n•ur success is our success Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that your products meet the most stringent quality standards and your precise specifications. This dedication to quality and service ensures a timely delivery and empcwers you to sell War products with confidence.

Product Developemt


We offer a complete range of herbal & pharmaceutical formulation development services, analytical methods development, methods and process validation, suitability petitions, stability studies, raw material, and finished product testing.


Our scientific team draws from years of herbal and pharmaceutical industry experience. Herba Invest work very closely with the University of turin during product development. We have the capabilites to take your product from the development to the commercial level.


We are proud to offer the following services to support your product development requirements. Herba Invest specializes in providing clients a one stop, turn-key solution to product development, approval and Commercialization.

Research And Analysis


We realize our client’s ideas and offer a one stop, turn-key solution to product development, approval and commercialization.


We are closely associated with one of the best laboratories in Italy - the University of Turin - which offsers a wide choice of product development and boasts a remarkable research tradtion.


The University of Turin is committed to develop, innovate, analyze and apply technology for products and processes, and is a pioneer in providing Inspection, Testing and Certification services to Industries across Europe.


our contract with the University of Turin also give us the advantage of being able to develop custom made products, which can be food suppplyments, medical devices, or harbal drugs.

Quality Assurance

…we assure consistency, quality and potency

Herba Invest puts great emphasis on checking the quality of natural herbs and raw materials to ensure the supply of the highest quality products on the market. Once a product has been produced, it undergoes a series of tests to assure consistency, quality and potency. The finished product is audited by inspectors for bulk weight, liquid volume, plate count, bottle sealing and legible lot number. Samples are then given to the Quality Assurance labs, so that scientists can complete testing according to finished product specifications. After all the processes have been completed and the product has passed the inspection QA will release the product. The batch record and a sample of the finished product are retained for future reference. If a customer has a question about a product QA can refer to the retained sample of the lot in question. At Herba Invest we are committed to ensuring the highest possible ethical standards. All our products are EU Certified and organic, and our products are never tested on animals.

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